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Passleader Real Cisco 642-813 PDF & VCE Exam Dumps For Free (51-60)

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement best describes first-hop redundancy protocol status?

A.    The first-hop redundancy protocol is not configured for this interface.
B.    HSRP is configured for group 10.
C.    HSRP is configured for group 11.
D.    VRRP is configured for group 10.
E.    VRRP is configured for group 11.
F.    GLBP is configured with a single AVF.

Answer: C

Which statement about when standard access control lists are applied to an interface to control inbound or outbound traffic is true?

A.    The best match of the ACL entries is used for granularity of control.
B.    They use source IP information for matching operations.
C.    They use source and destination IP information for matching operations.
D.    They use source IP information along with protocol-type information for finer granularity of control.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. You have configured an interface to be an SVI for Layer 3 routing capabilities. Assuming that all VLANs have been correctly configured, what can be determined?
A.    Interface gigabitethernet0/2 will be excluded from Layer 2 switching and enabled for Layer 3 routing.
B.    The command switchport autostate exclude should be entered in global configuration mode, not subinterface mode, to enable a Layer 2 port to be configured for Layer 3 routing.
C.    The configured port is excluded in the calculation of the status of the SVI.
D.    The interface is missing IP configuration parameters; therefore, it will only function at Layer 2.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about this Layer 3 security configuration example are true? (Choose two.)
A.    Static IP source binding can be configured only on a routed port.
B.    Source IP and MAC filtering on VLANs 10 and 11 will occur.
C.    DHCP snooping will be enabled automatically on the access VLANs.
D.    IP Source Guard is enabled.
E.    The switch will drop the configured MAC and IP address source bindings and forward all other traffic.

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    Cisco Express Forwarding load balancing has been disabled.
B.    SVI VLAN 30 connects directly to the network due to a valid glean adjacency.
C.    VLAN 30 is not operational because no packet or byte counts are indicated.
D.    The IP Cisco Express Forwarding configuration is capable of supporting IPv6.

Answer: B

Which two components should be part of a security implementation plan? (Choose two.)

A.    detailed list of personnel assigned to each task within the plan
B.    a Layer 2 spanning-tree design topology
C.    rollback guidelines
D.    placing all unused access ports in VLAN 1 to proactively manage port security
E.    enabling SNMP access to Cisco Discovery Protocol data for logging and forensic analysis

Answer: BC

When creating a network security solution, which two pieces of information should you have obtained previously to assist in designing the solution? (Choose two.)

A.    a list of existing network applications currently in use on the network
B.    network audit results to uncover any potential security holes
C.    a planned Layer 2 design solution
D.    a proof-of-concept plan
E.    device configuration templates

Answer: AB

What action should you be prepared to take when verifying a security solution?

A.    having alternative addressing and VLAN schemes
B.    having a rollback plan in case of unwanted or unexpected results
C.    running a test script against all possible security threats to insure that the solution will mitigate all potential threats
D.    isolating and testing each security domain individually to insure that the security design will meet overall requirements when placed into production as an entire system

Answer: B

When you enable port security on an interface that is also configured with a voice VLAN, what is the maximum number of secure MAC addresses that should be set on the port?

A.    No more than one secure MAC address should be set.
B.    The default is set.
C.    The IP phone should use a dedicated port, therefore only one MAC address is needed per port.
D.    No value is needed if the switchport priority extend command is configured.
E.    No more than two secure MAC addresses should be set.

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. From the configuration shown, what can be determined?
A.    The sticky addresses are only those manually configured MAC addresses enabled with the sticky keyword.
B.    The remaining secure MAC addresses are learned dynamically, converted to sticky secure MAC addresses, and added to the running configuration.
C.    A voice VLAN is configured in this example, so port security should be set for a maximum of 2.
D.    A security violation restricts the number of addresses to a maximum of 10 addresses per access VLAN and voice VLAN. The port is shut down if more than 10 devices per VLAN attempt to access the port.

Answer: B

Passleader Real Cisco 642-813 PDF & VCE Exam Dumps For Free

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