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Passleader Latest Sample Questions for IBM P2090-075 Test

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: P2090-075
Exam Name: IBM Information Management Guardium Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 (Japanese)

In a Guardium environment where data servers can talk to the collector, what is the relationship between the S-TAP and the collector appliance?

A.    There exists no relationship since the S-TAP and the collector are incompatible Guardium entities.
B.    The S-TAP reports database activity to the collector for policy management and auditing.
C.    A collector can only interact with one S-TAP for policy management and auditing.
D.    The collector sends the S-TAP information about its policies so it knows what traffic to intercept.

Answer: B

Which of the following best describes the role of the aggregator in a Guardium environment?

A.    The aggregator is a Guardium appliance that collects and consolidates information from multiple collectors to a single Aggregation Server, allowing for reporting across the enterprise.
B.    The aggregator is the Guardium appliance that communicates with mainframes.
C.    The aggregator is a Guardium appliance that allows a collector and a Central Policy Manager to communicate and is required in multi-collector environments.
D.    The aggregator is another name for the Central Policy Manager.

Answer: A
Which of the following components collects and parses the live database traffic used to trigger a real-time alert when a security policy rule is broken?

A.    The Real Time Communications Framework
B.    The Change Audit System
C.    The Policy Engine
D.    The Live Report Builder

Answer: C

What is Guardium’s primary storage mechanism for logs and audit information?

A.    Data can only be stored in flat files on the collector (one file per S-TAP).
B.    Data storage can only be managed individually by each S-TAP, with audit data stored locally on the data server in _ flat files.
C.    Data is stored on the collector in a normalized relational database.
D.    Data is stored locally on each server with an S-TAP but is managed centrally through the collector.

Answer: C

Passleader Latest Sample Questions for IBM P2090-075 Test

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