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Your customer needs a ‘Special Exempt’ indicator on ‘Job Attributes’ (Infotype 1610). What do you recommend?

A. Change the data dictionary definition of a standard text field.
B. Change the field attribute on Dialog Database Assignment Table (T777D).
C. Configure the Screen Modification Table (T588M) and set the field as a radio button.
D. Customize the Infotype to add a radio button for the additional field.

Answer: D

Which action is required for using structural authorizations?

A. Configure and run the profile generator.
B. Implement the organizational key.
C. Create and activate authorization objects.
D. Assign authorization profiles to users.

Answer: D

A customer would like to have a batch process to automate the update of the Appraiser (new manager) on the review form based on employees’ transfer. Therefore, a custom program must be developed. Which functionality should be implemented in a custom program to meet this requirement?

A. Update Organizational Unit assignment on the incomplete appraisal form of the transferred employees.
B. Update Appraiser assignment on the incomplete appraisal form of the transferred employees.
C. Release new appraisal form for the transferred employees with the new Organizational Unit assignment.
D. Release new appraisal form for the transferred employees with the new manager assigned as Appraiser.

Answer: B

HR wants to monitor the maintenance of Personal Development (PD) master data. Which methods are available to audit this? (Choose two)

A. Program RPUAUD00 for logged changes to standard infotypes 0001-0999.
B. Log of report starts accessing logical database PCH.
C. Log of report starts accessing logical database PNP.
D. Transaction PPOME for organization structure changes.
E. Program RHDOC_DISPLAY for logged changes to standard infotypes 1000-1999.

Answer: DE

Which areas are used by HCM Processes and Forms? (Choose two)

A. SAP Employee Interaction Center (EIC)
B. SAP Interactive Forms
C. SAP Business Workflow
D. SAP Network Process Integration (PI)

Answer: BC

An organization has the need to reduce their headcount. Therefore they need to identify jobs and positions that have to be retained based on critical business processes. How can you determine what jobs and positions are critical?

A. Execute Complete Job Description (S_AHR_61016501) from Organizational Management Info System.
B. Execute Infotype Reporting (S_AHR_61016532) from Organizational Management Info System using Spec. Position Characteristics (infotype 1958).
C. Execute Profile Matchup (PEPM) from Personnel Development Info System.
D. Execute Complete Position Description (S_AHR_61016511) from Organizational Management Info System.

Answer: B

After having set up structural authorizations, your customer is experiencing slow system response times. How can you improve system response times?

A. Delete all entries of structural authorization indexes and recreate each structural authorization profile.
B. Generate indexes for users assigned to these structural authorizations using RHBAUS00.
C. Increase database storage capacity to better process the complex indexing associated with building and maintaining structural authorizations.
D. Reduce the number of structural authorization profiles to allow fewer users access to the structural authorization objects.

Answer: B


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