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CWNP PW0-071 Accreditation: You will get What you need

The actual CWNP PW0 071 certification exam starts the road in order to profession qualifications within the business associated with Wi-Fi systems beginning towards the beginner as much as the actual professional degree. It’ll check your own understanding as well as abilities in relation to RF systems, the actual business associated with programs that are Wi-Fi dependent and also the resources or supplies which you will make use of in order to effectively troubleshoot as well as safeguard business Wi-Fi systems.

Which of the following is not a WLAN security standard?

B. IEEE 802.1X
D. 802.11i
E. 802.11g

Answer: E

Which of the following kinds of radiation patterns does an omnidirectional antenna have?

A. Horizontal radiation pattern of 360 degrees
B. Horizontal radiation pattern of 180 degrees
C. Vertical radiation pattern of 180 degrees
D. Vertical radiation pattern of 360 degrees

Answer: A

In which of the following layers of the OSI model do wireless repeaters work?

A. Layer 7
B. Layer 1
C. Layer 1 and Layer 2
D. Layer 2

Answer: B

Which type of antenna radiates energy in a telescope shape?

A. Unidirectional antenna
B. Omnidirectional antenna
C. Highly directional antenna
D. Semi directional antenna

Answer: C

What is the main difference between the two types of Compact Flash (CF) cards?

A. Width
B. Length
C. Height
D. Thickness

Answer: D

Your client has a brand new laptop. He is trying to connect to his home network, which is using an older (802.11b) wireless router. The router is set for encryption but not MAC filtering. What is the most likely problem?

A. His physical address for the laptop is not in the router.
B. His laptop is using the WPA encryption protocol.
C. The laptop does not have a wireless NIC.
D. His laptop has a newer operating system that cannot communicate with the router.

Answer: B

You work as an IT Technician for Lead2pass Inc. David, a user, has recently purchased a laptop computer. He is now complaining that he is unable to connect to a wireless network, even though his laptop has an internal wireless feature. What will you do as the first step to resolve the issue?

A. Check for the latest service pack.
B. Check for a type III PCMCIA card.
C. Check the hardware switch on the wireless antenna card that activates the service.
D. Check whether or not the IEEE 1394 port is working.

Answer: C

Your customer reports he just bought a new laptop and he cannot log on to his wireless router with it. You verify the wireless NIC is working, you can see the wireless routers network, and you verify the customer is using the correct username and password. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

A. The router has a virus.
B. His new laptop is not compatible with the router.
C. MAC filtering is enabled.
D. The router has maximum connections now.

Answer: C

Which of the following steps should be taken to maximize RF receiver strength?

A. Maximize the effect of the out of phase RF signals.
B. Minimize the effect of the RF signals that are in the same phase.
C. Minimize the effect of the out of phase RF signals.
D. Maximize the effect of the RF signals that are in the same phase.

Answer: C

What does a protocol analyzer do during a manual site survey?

A. Execute an RF analysis of an area.
B. Describe wireless LAN security requirements.
C. Identify existing wireless networks in an area.
D. Locate RF interference sources.

Answer: C

Which of the following radio frequencies is used by an IEEE 802.11g wireless network?

A. 11.0 GHz
B. 7.0 GHz
C. 5.0 GHz
D. 2.4 GHz

Answer: D

A Web developer with your company wants to have wireless access for contractors that come in to work on various projects. The process of getting this approved takes time. So rather than wait, he has put his own wireless router attached to one of the network ports in his department. What security risk does this present?

A. None, adding a wireless access point is a common task and not a security risk.
B. An unauthorized WAP is one way for hackers to get into a network.
C. This circumvents network intrusion detection.
D. It is likely to increase network traffic and slow down network performance.

Answer: B

Which of the following is a case sensitive text string used in wireless network and having a maximum length of 32 characters?


Answer: C

There are numerous additional qualifications which are the actual by-product from the CWNP Accreditation. Whenever you will obtained various models associated with qualifications underneath the primary CWNP Accreditation, it’s be assured that you could be capable of geting the actual desire work as well as placement that you’re desiring. Licensed Cellular System Manager Accreditation may be the primary bottom associated with degree accreditation which examines the ability to manage as well as put into action any kind of cellular LAN. Most of the particular subjects come under the actual 802. 11 cellular LAN systems; it’s completely contained in the check evaluation as well as program. PW0 071 exam vce is completely merchant natural.

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